julij 03, 2010

Be positive

We choose our state of mind
just as we choose our behaviors and our paths in life
so choose to do something great today
for yourself and others.

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  1. Hi Tanja, nice to see you dropped by, your blog is lovely... very colourful. But its not in English!:-( I have trouble get the slide-show working. And I am not sure if moaning about my bipolar in here is right thing to do, if i want this blog as a business blog. What do you think? Have a nice Sunday tomorrow. Kyra is so cute in the pic! :-) Mei

  2. Hi Tanja, can you read me, I am on twitter, are you? I still don't know how to add friends to my new blog. Can you help? Mei

    o dear which button is for what? :-(

  3. Don't ask me ... I don't know nothing here. Hehehehe ... No, I'm not on twitter. I will stick with WLS as long as it will work.
    Will read you soon.

  4. Your order is here Madam! :-)

  5. Tanja! I found you! Come on and start posting over here so that I can read everything you write. Everyone is gone from WLS now and either here on blogspot or wordpress...and some do both. I miss you, girl. Get that keyboard going and post.
    (oh, and put a translator on here, too)

  6. Hey Jenny :-)
    I don't know, no people here.
    I can post only for you. :-)
    And don't know if this translator helps you ... hehe

  7. Tanja, if you look at my followers, you'll see a number of them used to be on your list in WLS. You can pick them up from me -- and then others from them.
    In the meantime, I came to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Everything will get back to normal, it just takes a long time. You weren't alone in all that mess on WLS and now the people are gone from there.

  8. Yes, little sis, you can find your friends from friends like your friend Jenny suggested. Come on post something... you are very good with your words and pics. Miss you Tanja! I'm back, did want to close my blog not long ago... but you know me, can't live with out my blogging... :-) Hope you're doing alright, you been quiet to long, still got your X'mas present? :-) hehehe... your bigsis Mei